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What Happens After You Sign Up?
Sign up and select your content preferences.
Check your email for your user name and password, then connect your social media profiles to Roosterly.
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What does Roosterly do?
Roosterly serves to help you increase online presence and engage with your network by curating and posting content to your social media platforms based on an algorithm which draws from your indicated interests in addition to what your connections find most engaging.  Our objective is to position you as a resource -- not to brag about how great you are ;-)
2. Who uses Roosterly?
60% of our subscribers are executive whose job function involves growing and nurturing relationships to generate revenue.  This includes consultants, coaches, CEO's, Sales Executives, insurance producers and others who work in fields where relationships, building trust and establishing credibility are important.  40% of our subscribers are small businesses who cannot afford the expense of a full service agency and are interested in saving money while having a solid social media presence.  Please click here for Case Studies
3. Why do executives and small business use Roosterly?
Professionals use Roosterly to build their personal brand and establish themselves as credible thought leaders or subject matter experts in their field.  Businesses use Roosterly because it is a low cost alternative to expensive social media agencies.  
4. How is Roosterly different from other tools?
Roosterly's proprietary technology allows us to seamlessly aggregate, curate, schedule and post third party content without you having to do anything.  We incorporate trending hashtags automatically into your posts.  You can learn more here:  Roosterly Presentation
5. What gets posted?
Roosterly curates third party content from a variety of topics and publications that you select when setting up your account.   We do not post anything inflammatory, religious, political or content that would be deemed inappropriate.  Based on our research, 80% of the content is domain specific, while, 20% is outside of your domain.  The reason for this is to prevent content fatigue.  Additionally, our algorithm determines non-domain content based on what content your contacts have historically engaged with.
6. "Do I get to review the posts before they go live?"
No.  In order to provide a seamless user experience and keep costs low, we do not submit content for your approval prior to it being posted on your social media profiles.  This also allows us to post content at optimal days and times, thereby maximizing reach and frequency all while working efficiently.
7. How do I know it's working?
We can provide you analytics and reporting upon request.  Additionally, we encourage you to login to your social profiles, although we can make no guarantees - you should see an increase in engagement overtime.
8. Where do I see the content Roosterly is posting?
You can see the content posted by visiting your social media profiles.
9. What's involved in setting up an account?
First you must purchase a Roosterly subscription.  Once you do, we will send you your user name and password to the Roosterly dashboard and you'll use them to connect your social media accounts so that we may post content on your behalf.  The second step is selecting your content preferences via the Content Preferences Intake that we send you.
10. How do I select my content preferences?
Once you have purchased your Roosterly subscription, we'll email you instructions and a link to select your content preferences.
11. Can I change or refine my content later?
Yes, you can easily change your content preferences, keywords and hashtags by emailing:
12. What does the content look like?
The content looks no different than if you had organically shared a post yourself.  There is no mention of Roosterly or any Roosterly branding.
13. Is the same content posted to all of my social media channels?
Yes, Roosterly posts 16 pieces of content per month to you all of your social media channels.
14. Can I post my own content in addition to what Roosterly posts?
Yes, you can login to your Roosterly dashboard and schedule your own content to post.
15. Why do I have to reconnect my LinkedIn every 60 days?
LinkedIn requires any third party applications to reconnect to their platform every 60 days for your safety and security.
16. How much does Roosterly cost?
Roosterly services start at only $99/mo.  For an additional $49/mo you can add Instagram.
17. What do I get?
For $99/mo you get 4 posts per week (16 per month) posted to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter posted at optimal times and optimal days.  Additionally, all clients receive live phone and email support as well as reporting and analytics upon request.  You can request us to post less than 16.
18. What happens if I don't like something you post?
Please keep in mind that Roosterly is data driven while humans are subjective, as such, you may not like a post -- however you ultimately may find it performs well.  Our content selection process scores content based empirical performance data.  Our recommendation is to allow the algorithm to do it's work and learn over time.  That said, if you really do not like something Roosterly has posted, simply delete it from you social media profiles.
19. What social media profiles can you post to?
Roosterly can posts to LinkedIn Profiles, LinkedIn Company Pages, Facebook Business Pages, Twitter, Instagram and GoogleMyBusiness Pages.
20. Do you post original content?
Writing original content is a laborious process, we are not able to do so at the price point we offer our services for. 
21. How many leads will I get?  (what is the ROI?)
Roosterly does not set any expectation that you will receive leads.  Roosterly is a time and money saving service for those that wish to be active on social media without putting in the time.
22. Do you offer free trials?
We primarily offer free-trials to non-profits only at this time.
23. How do I cancel my service?
You may cancel your service anytime by simply emailing, please be sure to include any feedback on how we could have made your experience better.
24. Do I need to give you my social media passwords!?
We do not store or keep your social media passwords.  When you sign-up for Roosterly you connect your social media accounts directly to the Roosterly platform yourself with a few clicks you authorize to post content to your social media profiles.   
25. Do you work with agencies?
Yes.  Many PR, digital marketing and freelancers use Roosterly to outsource the management of their clients social media content.  Please contact if you're interested in partnering with us. 
26. Do you have a white label program?
We do not presently have a white-label or private-label program.
27. Can I resell Roosterly?
Definitely!  You can learn more and apply here:  Roosterly Affiliates
28. How do I login to my dashboard?
Go to Roosterly Dashboard and login using your user name and password.  If you do not know your user name and password, please email:
29. Are 16 posts per month too much for me?
Posting 16 posts per week based on our research is sufficient to stay in front of your network.  Some clients request less.  We can accommodate this request and begin by posting 2 posts per week (8 per month).  To specify this, please email: after you've signed up.
Life Isn't Always Fair
For over 10 years, I've built and managed media for the same executives you often see on magazine covers.  

My work has been featured in International Business Times and I also write for Forbes and CIO.

My mission is to position you to win more opportunities:  Growing your online presence through engaging content and building your credibility as an expert in your field.

Why?  Because I was in the same position as you several years ago and thought it was unfair the same five billionaires we always see in the news had a strong professional social media presence. 

...You've put in the work too right?  So why not you?

Get the professional online presence you need to win and earn the respect that you deserve...One that impresses anyone researching you online.
Irfan Jafrey, CEO, Roosterly
Who Uses Roosterly & Why?
How Does This Journalist with 10,000 Followers Manage?
  • Saves Time.  She focuses on work while delegating the marketing of her skills to Roosterly.
  • Creates Awareness.  Through content marketing she builds awareness, trust and credibility.
  • Nurtures Relationships.  Her network sees her content and engages with her.
  • Builds Authority.   Her content marketing positions her as an authority - this helps her win and grow sales more easily.
  • More Budget.  The cost of Roosterly is so low it free's up budget to focus on other business activities.
How Does This Producer Build A Memorable Brand?
  • Efficiency.  He focuses on work while delegating the marketing of her skills to Roosterly.
  • Results.  His focus is staying top-of-mind with his audience.  Roosterly helps him achieve that.
  • Grow Your Network.  Your network can help propel you forward, by understanding the data, we help clients meet their goals.
  • Analytics.   Roosterly continuously provides our clients analytics to help them understand how their content is performing.
  • Cost Effective.  No contracts.  Clients and start and stop as they please.
Why Does This Consultant Use Roosterly?
  • Books More Meetings.  By growing his brand he has more prospects reaching out to him -- while Roosterly does all the heavy lifting.
  • Broadcasts Events.  Using Roosterly is a great way for clients to spread the word about career changes and events.  
  • Conversation Catalyst.  Roosterly content engages his audiences and promotes intelligent conversations.
  • Business Growth.   The more you network, the better your chances of growing your book of business, Roosterly clients
  • Bottom Line.  Roosterly's impact is brand building tool is easy to recognize quickly.
How does this Inc. 500 Chief Revenue Officer stay revelant?
  • Save Time.  Leave your online presence to experts.
  • Create Awareness.  Robust content that impresses anyone researching you.
  • Nurture Relationships.  More awareness for you means more opportunities.
  • Build Authority.   Content marketing positions you as an expert in your field.
Why Does Your Brand Matter?
"...Of employers that make a decision about you within 20 minutes of researching you on Google or LinkedIn."
"...Your prospects will judge you less favorably if your social media presence and your reputation are stale or inactive."
"...Colleagues feel that you're less relevant if you're not showcasing your knowledge and skills on LinkedIn..."
Who Needs A Strong Professional Online Presence?
Hiring a full service marketing agency for is wasteful for small businesses.

Bob Meltzer

Founder,, Sold
Content Marketing is imperative to success in a competitive marketplace.

Paul Rand

Vice President of Communications
The University of Chicago
Chairman, Zocalo Group
Filling your social streams with relevant content even if you don't time to be present or have to be active is important to maintaining your visibility.

Andy Crestodina

CEO Orbit Media Studios
Forbes Top 10 Digital Marketers
Author, Content Chemistry
Your Support Team
It's not magic.  You have to put work in.  However, the results are their and we love seeing people do well!

David Veras
Affiliate Manager
On-boarding is easy and we're here to help guide you every step of the way.

Eric Palmer
Director of Recruiting
Roosterly has a proven method to generate inbound leads for our services.  It's something that we welcome you to leverage.

Ryan Deets
Program Manager
It's important to be passionate about what you sell.  We're confident that our services are such that you can be proud to promote.

Atanu Shaw
Digital Marketing Manager

Our sales process and coaching are second to none.  Our focus is helping you sell and close and retain business.

Zach DeVries
Sr. Program Manager
If you've got sales or marketing experience, you've got an opportunity to do well.  We're looking to scale and hence, pay well!

James Lopez
Program Manager
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