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Review Content

We recommend you to login to your social networks periodically to review the content we are posting for you and provide feedback. Roosterly can adjust as needed.


Engage Contacts

When your connections like, share or comment on something we’ve posted on your behalf, we encourage you to reach out to them to grow the relationship.


Can I get more information? What does Roosterly do?

Roosterly serves to help you increase profile views and engage with your network by curating and posting content to your social media platforms based on an algorithm which draws from your indicated interests.

Who uses Roosterly?

Roughly about 50% of our users are individual professionals.

25% or so are small to medium-sized businesses that need an easy way to distribute content on behalf of their employees.

25% are companies that manage social media for small business clients who need an affordable social media solution.

Why should I use this?

As the digital age progresses, it is becoming increasingly important to stay relevant on social media. Roosterly helps you stay top of mind within your network without having to spend extra time doing so.

How is Roosterly different from other social media agencies or tools?

Our service is built for professionals. The toughest part for most professionals was creating, finding, curating, scheduling quality content to share with their audience.

Our objective was to give executives interested in career growth and person branding an easy way to grow their visibility and reputation online. That why it’s quick to sign up – let us know your keywords and topics of interest and we find and post content on your behalf. You can always login to see what’s been posted or scheduled.

With Roosterly, you never have to worry about going dark on social media.

What gets posted?

Examples of our content include articles from credible sources such as New York Times, Forbes, the Harvard Business Review, etc. This serves to pose you as an expert within your field.

Do I get to review and approve posts before you they go live?

We do not send you an alert to review posts before they go up, but you can find queued posts on the dashboard.

Where do I see the content you’re posting?

All content can be found on the dashboard or on your social media profiles. See ‘Scheduled’ and ‘Queued’ under the ‘Engage’ tab in the header.

What is the dashboard?

The dashboard allows you to see monthly reports of condensed metrics regarding your engagement. As a paid subscriber, you have access to the dashboard.

Can you set up my account for me?

Since signing up requires the passwords to your social media platforms, we unfortunately cannot set it up for you. However, we would be more than happy to help walk you through the sign-up process. The whole process takes about 15 mins.  

How To:

How do I refine the topics I selected?

We can send you a long form where you can go into more detail regarding your interests. This helps us ensure that your content is specific to you, thus helping you gain a better reaction from your audience. The longform is only available to paid subscribers.

Here is the link:

Why do I need to tell you about my competitors?

We want to help protect your brand. By indicating who your competitors are, we will make sure you are not posting content from them.

Why do you need to know interests unrelated to work?

Indicating interests such as “food and wine” or “travel” helps make you appear more relatable to your audience.

Why do I have to reconnect my LinkedIn? How do I do that?

To ensure your privacy, LinkedIn requires you to reconnect your Roosterly account every 60 days (required for other services that are similar)

Here’s how you can do that in 2 minutes or less:

What’s the cost?

There are 3 costing options:

      • Essential – $47 – 8 posts to LinkedIn
      • Awareness – $67 – 12 posts to LinkedIn and Twitter
      • Thought Leader – $97 – 16 posts to LinkedIn,Twitter, Facebook


The number of posts have been determined by research done to determine what is the most effective number of posts.

If I choose to delete a post, will you replace it?

Once a post has been deleted (either from the queue or from your social profile), we will not be able to repost it or replace it with new content

Already have other content tools/services/systems in place (internal and/or external)?

Focus on the differentiation…our biggest competitor is a human being.  What’s their time worth and/or your time worth curating your own content, as opposed to $47.  Our technology was built to curate content better than a human, as we truly understand what would be most engaging to your network, then, it’s intuitive, as it learns what types of content performs better.  Once you take 5 minutes on the Content Preference form, it’s a “set it and forget it” tool that pushes the content for you; whereas some products out there necessitate you to push your own content and/or brand themselves; ours looks as if it’s authentically curated.  

Lack of trust in the technology?

Know it’s more time consuming, but want to curate own content  (same as above) our technology was built to curate content better than a human, as we truly understand what would be most engaging to your network, then, it’s intuitive, as it learns what types of content performs better.  Also, use the “insurance guy” example, i.e. everyone knows you’re in insurance and they don’t want to see all insurance related posts.  This is about relationship building and a catalyst for content, what’s more engaging is if you relate to them on a more human to human level (we’ll see better results this way).  

Wouldn't pay for a tool that helps employees brand themselves on Linked-In?

Would suggest it, but not back it up with $  Too bad, as your employees represent the organization they work for online.  Wouldn’t you want your sales folks to be engaging their network, representing your company positively, posting thought-leadership related articles, nurturing relationship…curating content can elevate your brand this way, and, we can incorpoate company-specific content, in the cadenece of posts, that live on your website/blog.  This will drive traffic to your site.  Imagine your sales team, all of whom are connect 500+ individuals on LinkedIn, that can have a huge reach and frequency for your organization.  

Compliance/"taking a position" concerns?

We work with companies in both law and financial consulting…both two industries with very high and particular standards of content and compliance.  If we can make it work in those areas, we’re not concerned.  Plus, the articles we’re curating don’t take strong positions/stances, they’re often suggesting best business practices and inciteful tips.

Haven't adapted to the "sharing of content" online as a way build relationships?

“Content is King”; then you’re falling behind, as everything on social platforms is content-related.  

Want a free trial/test run before committing?

No free trials, but let me give you a sense of what the content looks like, the content preferences form, it’s a $47 a month product with no contract, etc.

Don't want to be seen/maintain a low-profile?

Then they’re either falling behind, have enough business to keep them busy and are not interested in growth, or fulfill a real particular niche (may not ultimately be the right fit).  

Don't really need it at this point in my career/already have an established network?

I had encountered this one most frequently in  Amy’s IWF network (not so much any more).  

Social platforms not the right fit for my industry?

Some industries or niches are certainly not the right fit, and, we’re certainly getting to this quicker by culling out Amy’s list more effectively.  Lynn’s list is certainly not as robust.


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